I've created wigwag hold short lights by placing two effects, one with a delay on it to start after the first effect goes out. This gives me the alternate flashing lights to good effect (no pun intended!).

However if I fly away from the scenery and then return back the 2 effects are flashing in time (ie both on, both off).

Is there any way of "linking" these effects to keep them "in time" with one another?


Phil Reynolds
I don't know about synchronizing the effects. They probably re-initialize when you get back to view them resulting in a random blinker timing and sometmes they flash in unison,which is not good for a wigwag.

I made my wigwag with gMax and used the 0282h variable to control the blinking. Since the two lights are in the same code, they are always synchronized.

Here's the code:
    IFMSK nolgt_1, 0282h, 0F0F0h
;white light  
    BGL_LIGHT LIGHT_BEACON, -0.701, 0.725, 0.021, 20, 0.60, 0.40, 0FFFFEEA6h, 0.000000, 0.000000, 1.000000 ; source poly num = 299
    BGL_JUMP_32 nolgt_2
    nolgt_1       label BGLCODE
;red light
    BGL_LIGHT LIGHT_BEACON, 0.655, 0.725, 0.021, 20, 0.60, 0.40, 0FFFF0000h, 0.000000, 0.000000, 1.000000 ; source poly num = 370
    nolgt_2       label BGLCODE