[Win7] Can't find x file after export from Gmax

Hi there,
I had a problem with exporting from Gmax in Win7 which did not appear when I use WinXP . I'm working on FS9
When i created a plane/ground polygons and exported it using makemdl.exe, I've also created an .par file (so as to trick gmax create x file after export) but after click save file name, the makemdl ran and finished its process, then disappeared suddenly . When i checked the folder which contained the .mdl file, i couldn't find the x file but .mdl and .xml were created .
I remembered what exact steps i've done in WinXP and it worked fine .
Anybody help me ?


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I would suggest you use your computer's search function to see if the x file exists, and where it would be.

Also, for most scenery objects, Arno's ModelConverterX will be able to produce an x file from your model.



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You need to have MDLCommander installed to be able to capture the X file from GMax.