Windows 8 Paint fuzzy text


I know, I know, this is not a forum for MS Paint, but I can't find the answer for it anywhere else, and if you guys haven't figured this one out yet, no one will.

When creating textures for my gmax objects (or planes) I used to be able to write really tiny texts with Paint. While transitioning from Windows Vista to Windows 8 I went back to Vista every time I had to write something on a bitmap. But I retired the Vista machine and now Windows 8 Paint is what I have. The text is awfully blurry.

HOWEVER, while I am typing the text is OK. It is when I am finished that the text goes fuzzy.

I tried Print Screen before closing the text box, pasting it in another Paint session, and that looks good until I copy from the second one and paste onto the first one: it comes HUGE.

So, the best recipe I found was to use cttune.exe, but that doesn't work at all; it only works for all the text on the screen, not Paint.

I tried to upload a picture, but the Upload a File button didn't work.

Is there anything we can do about it?


Hi Fern,

I don't know the answer to your question but I am wondering why you are using MSPaint to create textures when you could use something a bit more sophisticated like GIMP. I believe it's free and quite performant by what I heard.
Side note: I just learned that the word "performant" is actually not an accepted word yet...we learn every day, don't we.
Hi, Patrick
Sorry for the delay. I've been busy.
Well, I find that MS Paint is the one-horse-show that does incredibly things, especially at the pixel level. I also use PhotoShop and, and I have dabbed in GIMP lightly, but so far I found no substitute for MS Paint when it comes to extremely fine detail, like editing at the pixel level. It is a very crude editor, I give you that much, but it is in my technical nature to break down things to their smallest detail and I like tools that are tools, not talent or art oriented. So, even though I may use this or that for textures, the workshop software for me is still Paint. But thanks for your reply.