FSXA [WIP] First project - Sao Tome Island Airport - FPST

It's already miles away from default and to be true it looks really nice as it is now. If you were to release it as it is it would already be a valuable addition to the community. Kudos! (I'll ask around if I can manage to find some photos of the airport for you. It may take a few weeks/month(s), so don't let me hold you back!)
Hello. Just to say that I've tried to arrange a way to have those FPST photos and it failed at the last minute.
I'll continue to try to get you the photos of the old hangars and minor buildings. It may just be a while until I can actually get hold of the photos you need.
Best regards.
Hi Diverskii and others.
I found this tread today when looking for Sao Tome.
During Biafra Airlift 1968 - 1970 I was a mechanik on DC-7B for my company Transair Sweden AB.
Transair was first airliner / charter comany in Scandinavia flying to Sao Tome with aid for Biafra.
Now Im looking for the airport as well as Fernando Poo and Uli airstripp.
During 1969 I was employed by Red Cross in Stockholm for service 3 DC-7B.
So how is it going.
Best // Gert Persson, Malmö Sweden