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FS2004 WIP New York, WTC complex

March 9th, 2010

After a lot of time spent in flying around New York, I decided to build the new Wtc buildings, at the moment I've modeled all the approved or under construction buildings, WTC 1-2-3-4-7, 5 and 6 are on-hold or cancelled, but I will add them if they will be built at some point :)

Model are 100% finished, now is time to add texture :D !!!

here a couple of screenshots from Gmax, models are very accurate, I've found some very good designs :rolleyes: :p

and some from our loved FS2004
love NY!!! :)

looking to midtown

Hope you like it ;)
Maybe we can release WTC buildings in about 3/4 weeks ;)

Andrea Bertolucci, DSDG developer.
Thats very interesting, I cant actually believe the scale, huge again!

Wonder who's going to rent those top floors... the Iranian embassy... ha ha
And having a building 7... its like having a haunted house... nuts!

I think it will cause a great deal of chatter... esp if you release, not on dev sites like this, but actual news sites... done well, it could be very very good for FS... and your co...

And if you want a cheap office... become a movie producer... Call it...
Chapter 20ELEVEN ... the return of AlQuacko Sacho... and the BoomBerg towers... da da da daaaaaaa :)

Yes... let us know when you release it... I think its a great idea... I bet you could get the FS Utube video onto the Max Kaiser show :)

Ha ha I know exactly what his headline will be...

BoomBerg says... Alquacko cant hit the side of a barn door... make it bigger! :D

... it must be 2004 compat... I think...

Crazy world this...
Well.... it is years that I'm disappeared from this forum... I've been really busy... my degree, work etc.. etc...

But I'm back, now I've a little free time to conclude at least some projects :D

One of these is New York WTC complex, in the meanwhile design of one building is also changed, 3WTC as lost some height and some exterior metal frames.

In the screenshots you can admire the new 3WTC design, and all 5 buildings textured and finished! remain to do only the night textures.

stay tuned ;)
Looking great there man, nice to see it got finished! Is this gonna be compatible with the aerosoft manhattan X ? and fsx?

Uhm I don't know... It is developed for FS2004, never created sceneries for FSX, basically it is developed with Gmax, so I think may be compatible also for fsX.

I will check :)
Those are gorgeous! Yes, a lot has changed since 2010. Please think seriously about creating a batch for FSX and P3D.

Let's see, two years to create five buildings.... hey, you work at my speed! :D
(just kidding - great job)



Resource contributor
That's wonderful.
I remember a guy trying to make the whole Manhattan. I tried to help him with ground poly.
Now he vanished.

New WTC would be a great landmark for Manhattan. I really miss the old WTC. I went there two times in 1996.

Please give a warning in your document.
Not for terrorist.
Just kidding. Kind of sad to think back to 9-11.
First couple of buildings with night texture: 7WTC and 3WTC.
Remain to do 1,2,4WTC night texture, lights, and some ground texture.

Little update, all night texturing of buildings are done, I'm adding a couple of very nice items!!! guess what ;)

New update along the week!

Cheers, Andrea
Quick update, almost done, added museum:

Scenery rights are in the way to be sold to Drzewiecki-Design

Cheers Andrea