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ADE Wish List

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Help for functions in versions later than 1.65 are online.


This may already be possible, I use Aero Sors Navaids which updates the ICAO codes in FSX to the current one. If I attempt to access the airport using File -> Open Stock Airport option only the old ICAO code shows, whether I use the tree or Find Now feature an ADE returns an error.

However, by using File -> Open Airport from Bgl I can open it. This is due to the option allowing me to directly open the bgl file in the Scenery folder.

It works, but I'm wondering if there is a way that I can updated whatever data ADE uses for the 'Stock Airport' feature with the more current Aero Sors data.

It is unlikely. ADE deliberately only uses the original stock airports
Hi Jon,
following the problems I had a few weeks ago (I hadn't made a backup), it is not possible to extend "ProjectsBackup".
This by setting an automatic backup, eg every 5, 10, 15, 30, 60 minutes.
Thanks in advance
ADE backup if for basic protection. I would recommend that you use a third party backup tool if you want automatic backup at set intervals
Jon, i have got pretty good at ADE thanks to your pointers in 2019. as the saying goes you learn something new everyday. having had fs4 since 2005 i have never been to an airport where the Microsoft developers where dumb enough to put trees on the taxiway and runways until this past weekend. (22 jan 23). thankfully i found a bloke on you tube who showed how ADE can fix it by removing said trees.

which brings me to my wish list request: can you make it so when you use the exclusion rectangle it you can set the airport however you want it to. this we can use 1 giant rectangle instead of a dozen or more smal angles? for example: right now the airport i am working on. i set the screen so runway 36 is straight up to the top of the screen. when i click the exclusion rectangle box it tilts runway 36 so it is pointing at 10 or 11 clock so instead of being able to draw a single box around the runway. i have to use about 12 small boxes. this way i only remove the tees on the runway or taxiway and none of the others.

i am not a design expert so what little i do with ADE (making parking spots and clearing trees. maybe add a taxiway and sign here or there) ADE is perfect. thanks again for the great app.
I think you are referring to being able to draw exclusion rectangles at different angles. This is not possible due to the way FS works. Exclusion rectangles can only be created with a heading of zero, Thus aligned North South
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