Words "Winter" and "Spring" on Texture Bitmap

I posted this originally over at the AVSIM Forums, but thought I might repost here as well to reach a larger group of people...This may perhaps be the wrong subforum for my question, but the others seemed too specific and excluded my visual issue

Recently I ventured south of the US/Mexico Border in FSX Boxed Edition and discovered an odd texture issue. Some of the ground textures as seen from the air as I neared the Yucatan Peninsula starting displaying the word "WINTER" in red and "SPRING" in green.

As I continued south into South America the green "SPRING" pretty much disappeared, but the red "WINTER" displayed everywhere I looked until I crossed the Amazon. Not every bitmap displayed the red or green words, but I could look in exterior view and see numerous displays in a complete 360 circle around my aircraft.

This anomaly does not...at least hasn't yet...appeared in the US or north from there. Can't speak for Europe/Africa/Asia/Australia yet...haven't been there.

The only change I have made to the region was to install the free ORBX SA Landclass, but that is a mesh file with no textures associated with it. Any ideas and, while I am posting, is there a way to find out which bitmap is being displayed when I see that?
These are the two images I posted at AVSIM...


The product page for the add-on cited above states the requirements for correct operation: :pushpin:


Global openLC South America

"This product requires FTX Global Base to be installed first for correct operation. Orbx strongly recommends FTX Global Vector to be installed.

While a "Land Class" package contains instructions for which textures to load and where, it 'may' require certain textures from both default and proprietary sources ...such as the OrbX "Global" add-on scenery package(s).

Based on your add-on package info in this post:

14 Nov 2018


Hello Gary,

I do have ORBX FTX Central Rocky Mountains installed in FSX. Not sure if that is considered "Global Vector" or not. FTX CRM and the demo FTX PNW are the only two ORBX products I have installed.

...you may not have the proprietary textures intended to display in areas where a custom Land Class 'lookup' BGL maps them.

FYI: There are alternative "Land Class" packages (both free and payware) available which utilize only default textures. :idea:

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Ah ha...thanks Gary. When I downloaded the SA LC from ORBX I completely missed that. In flight right now, but will uninstall upon landing and search for the alternatives.

Many thanks...