P3D v3 work in progress ...KDAY

Its been a couple "o years since I began this project, and now i'm happy to say it wont be long now. few weeks max. I've gone through a serious learning curve in the last little while and its ON! few screenies....

Ground color correction, some more model work and some photoshop time, and its good to go....this is exciting for me as its my first airport scenery. Worth the wait though....cheers!





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Nice work!
If the color of the airport area is matched to landclass outside would be much better. It is quite difficult to adjust the color to match the surrounding.
thanks JT your opinion counts very much, i just had an epiphany and got the whole thing in one day. you've been a HUGE help, im gonna use your light model, slightly altered, but that's why its there right?
Not complaining or rushing you, but it's been a little more that a few weeks. Is KDAY almost ready? Really want to get my hands on it:)
Since i figured out what i want to do and how to do it, ive been concentrating on a few other more important projects, but IT WILL be on my upcoming short list of things to finish. hopefully before the end of 2015
Congrats on nearing the completion. I've flown in and out of there many times, and I think it's time for a scenery there.

It really like how your lights turned out.

Have a good K-DAY, Ha Ha. :rotfl:
I just found this thread. Very happy to see someone giving some love to my hometown airport. If you need someone to test it out in P3Dv3.1, let me know. Thanks for your efforts.
finally a big step forward on getting the ground poly texture in order. and.... sad to say after 4 years, its probably not "near" completion, but its getting there. at least some high def texture for the gp's
kday newest.jpg

Well this is definitely coming along. I need to stop predicting how long though. to do the quality of work I want to see, is grueling and the most tedious work ive ever done. BUT...it is coming along. Stay tuned, devoting all spare time to it now.
i have some videos i took at Dayton airport on my youtube channel as well as some new ones i just took about a week ago flying in and out of there. Are you planning to make it be supported with AES and FS9?