FSXA [Workarounded]Lvar depending animations on vehicle/object?


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Hello everyone!

I am a huge fan of Lorby-SI FireFighterX, but the realistic ground reload sequence lacks a bit of eye candy. So I’d like to add a animated ground character who would translate FFX instructions to the pilot (come closer, stop, reduce pitch, etc) depending on lvars shared by FFX.

FFX allows for choosing a specific MDL file as the refill station visual (by default it’s one of the default fire trucks), so adding the ground crew to the station MDL seems the easiest way to go.
It seems that vehicle/scenery models can not be animated through lvars anymore, as explained on several topics here.
But Royale French Navy’s Charles de Gaulle carrier does feature Lvar depending animations.

So I am a bit at a loss : does the possibility to Lvar-anim a model depend on the way the mdl is used : vehicle/ground object/scenery?
I am obviously missing something here.
Any help appreciated!

Have a nice day


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From what I have understood so far :
- AI vehicles can be animated just like aircraft
- static, scenery models can not
So the easiest way to add an animated model is to create it as a non-moving AI vehicles. Ron's LivingWorld or AICarriers make this pretty straightforward.
Have you looked at SODE? It lets you inject simobjects as scenery, though it sounds like you'd be controlling the object's animations using FFX, but anyway SODE might work for you.