Working on DGAA (Accra Ghana, West africa)

Hello guys i have working on the Kotoka Int Airport located in Accra, Ghana. Planning on sharing it as a freeware once completed but i do need some serious help, Texturing, because mine doesn't look right lol.

As far as testing goes, as of now the buildings, ground poly shows up in P3D V4.x great

DGAA is one of the most important hubs for Airlines like KLM - Britsh Airways - AirFrance - Brussels Airlines - Emirates - Delta etc. in West Africa, but is lacking a decent scenery in flight-sim and i believe would be a really nice addition to the very few African destinations available.

I was wondering if someone/people quite good in texturing(/modeling) would like to continue undertaking this project with me?

Below are some few pictures of the projet in Blender and P3D v4

DGAA 1.jpgDGAA 2.jpgDGAA 3.png

A developer focusing in Africa! Brilliant. So much potential on the continent!

Definitely watching this thread!