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MSFS Working on KSOW work-in-progress thread

The unwrap is complete, still some work to do before getting it into SP.
yna_wip_Heli_Handler_04.jpg yna_wip_Heli_Handler_05.jpg
Will the tires share the same uv texture space?
Edit: i think the answer is no :)
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Was texturing in SP last night and had some decent results but needed to make some changes to the mesh. Wrapped up the whole texturing project into a smart material for use later.

Realized a couple things, 1st was that the wood deck needed to be much thicker than I had it and 2nd, the thing was missing the wheel jack. Here's an update with colorID color's applied plus the UVmap.
yna_wip_Heli_Handler_06.jpg yna_wip_Heli_Handler_07.jpg yna_wip_Heli_Handler_08.jpg
oh nice! i can see some wheels on the uv map! :D

how do you make the colorID colors? is that done by Vertex Color?
oh nice! i can see some wheels on the uv map! :D

how do you make the colorID colors? is that done by Vertex Color?
:) :cool: Thank you,

ColorID's are made using TexTools uv mapping tools plugin for Blender. It creates the materials in the blender material stack and then also bakes the map (currently using TexTools Diffuse Bake). Attached a screenshot of the UV editor with TexTools open. As you can see in the Blender scene collection there's two versions, one has all the color maps for baking and the other has a single material for export to SP.

yna_wip_Heli_Handler_09.jpg yna_wip_Heli_Handler_010.jpg yna_wip_Heli_Handler_011.jpg
do you implement the airport assets into the KSOW scenery itself or do you make a separate asset pack and just "link" the stuff?
Figured out part of the problem I was having getting textures to look correct in MSFS from Substance Painter. My project was started using the "DirectX" normal method and exported with the FS2020 template which flips the "Y" ch assuming OpenGL normals which gave me OpenGL normals :banghead:. Changed my project settings back to OpenGL normal then re-exported and it looks much better, still not happy with the results and there's plenty of tweaking to do but it appears that issue is resolved. Here's 8AM | 9AM | 10AM screen grabs.
yna_wip_Heli_Handler_012.jpg yna_wip_Heli_Handler_013.jpg yna_wip_Heli_Handler_014.jpg
**EDIT** All my shading problems are solved now that I have the model's shading fixed. With the Normals "Y" flipped wrong the faces all looked flat with no smoothing at all. Needless to say I borked the shading in the process of trouble shooting. But it's all fixed with a simple "Shade Smooth" to all faces with "Auto Smooth" set to around 46°.
yna_wip_Heli_Handler_015.jpg yna_wip_Heli_Handler_016.jpg yna_wip_Heli_Handler_017.jpg
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Here's a little update to the handler, learned how to add decals in SP and also learning the need to improve my UV layout and texel density. I'm 75% happy with the results so far but need to figure out why my diamond plate looks like a blurry mess down the center.
yna_wip_Heli_Handler_019.jpg yna_wip_Heli_Handler_020.jpg yna_wip_Heli_Handler_021.jpg