Working on missions?

A little something different - 3rd party mission system

I was impressed with FSX's take on missions, but I think it is terribly unapproachable by all of the passionate people in the community that would have been great mission developers. An opportunity to pull "non programmers" into the world of flight sim developers was missed I think.

So to that end, I thought of two goals:

Make mission definition easier.
Make missions work the same on FS9 as they do in FSX

Then I set out to make it happen. And it has pretty much worked out.

What I ended up with was a custom mission execution application that runs separately from flight simulator and communicates via FSUIPC. That way both FS9 and FSX users can enjoy the same missions (together online if they choose).

Then I made the underlying definition language more approachable. I through in support for custom audio, and a few other things. Then I made missions easily sharable, and also allowed for the dynamic "fetching" of missions from a mission generation server that tracks mission statistics and what not.

I also added the ability to inject scenery needed for the missions from the server. So for example search and rescue scenery is driven from the missions that have been generated, and are not static.

I have some documentation to complete, and I really need to finish some better mission generation modules. But the basic jist of it is up and running.

The end goal was to have fresh auto-generation missions of various styles be available every day, or as users complete them.

I haven't quite gone full steam ahead yet (still calling it a beta).
Maybe... it's not dead after all...

Hey all,

Been a while since I was on here. Had pretty much junked FS altogether; sold all my CH controls, etc. Then, I re-discovered Jim's FSX Mission Editor.


Okay, I'm back! Hehehe!!!

So I'm back working on my original idea. Pretty much, I just use FSXME for the SimVar extension as it's got so much potential for what I'm looking to do. All my previous work on the third party software that's gonna drive the missions, I deleted a long time ago so, it's gonna be starting from scratch here but, that's okay too. Because now I can take those old ideas and work them up again with a fresh perspective. Hopefully by the time it's done, people will still be using FSX. I'm, "encouraged" too by the fact that it looks like there will be no FSX11. Meaning, don't have to worry about someone changing everything around for the next version and having to re-write everything to make it work.

Anyway, once again I'm working on a short video to demonstrate the opening sequences - basically from receiving aircraft to climb checks. We'll see!
Yes working on missions.. about 25 so far. Working is the key word here as I get a massive amount of work into one and seem to hit a brick wall. The brick wall is usually I can't find a way to implement a feature that is needed. SO I wait a few months and design a new mission.
What is terrible is I actually played a mission I made two days ago that I totally forgot I made in 2000 something. I realized it was mine when I opened it up.. That is bad..

One of my favorites is this.. There was a Plane crash, No not just a normal plane but the entire delegation from that country on the lost island in the pacific. The 747 went down in the Colombia river on the Washington state side. 226 passengers. You having just taken command of a new Coastguard rescue station are the closest to the estimated crash site. Some 35 miles away. It is raining "hard"

I got the plane crash part made. it looked good, fire and smoke. With passengers and luggage scattered all over. Using the stock Helicopters repainted Coastguard. started airlifts, to the Portland Hospital OHSU. (( edited the area to look like the real OHSU ))

The plan was to use something that looked like a actual patient transfer by Helicopter. rather than the cargo pod that is in fsx. Now I think about it I guess I could use the USCG boat's Landing pad to do the transports.

Anyway the ending was you had to transport 15 members of the Royal Family severely injured to a secret hospital that is on a Royal ship at sea. Your craft is almost 800 lbs over weight with all the patients, nurses and medical equipment.

In game odds of making it are dependent on the points you make from leaving the Coastguard rescue station and your skill at transporting patients. you start at 70/30 and if perfect increase those odds to 15/85 you can make it without your craft falling apart in the sky.

I tried to use the count system in Mission editor and use the count they got to trigger a PropertyTrigger and finally random FailureAction based on the odds. I could not get it to work properly.

Any suggestions?


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The mission sounds interesting, I'm sure it'd be possible to code that kind of interactive logic, I think it'll be best to create different "blocks" of that mission and call one of them depending on how the user flies (Counter_A, Counter_B,...).