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MSFS World updates out of nowhere?

This is such a wierd one that I have to share and ask if anybody knows what is up. Backstory: For the past 3-4 weeks I've been working on a small airfield - it's going nicely. One of the things I did is place electrical poles (High voltage so quite big) near the airport because they were missing in the sim and are an important part of the challenging approach. They were also impossible to place just by looking at the bing aerial so I took quite some time to find where they should go using google maps and my local sat imagery on a second display. All went good - I placed some default red and white antennas which satisfied me. (The poles are in fact red and white in real life too because of the airport proximity)

Back to the main topic: Today I was having a short flight around my creation when I noticed something that almost caused me to beach my cessna into a nearby hill :p The Sim magically(?) placed all the missing electrical poles by itself next to the ones I placed and more! (I only placed a few near the airport - the sim placed plenty more). Can anyone explain?They were not there before hence the reason I spent waaay more time than I should've to find where they should go. I am 99% sure they didn't appear with the big patch. I didn't download any addons. The bing aerial in that location is outdated and low res so the poles are almost impossible to spot. How is this possible? I'm stunned to be honest :D

I’m guessing it’s an OSM map update that caused them to be added (note the bulk of genetic buildings in MSFS are OSM based).

I noticed a few OSM map errors and updated the data on OSM, so we will see how long it takes to populate. So it may be that for global data you may be able to do some of your scenery design in OSM which is what I’ve been yearning for for years. Crowdsourced scenery design.
Thanks for answering everyone, I completely forgot about OSM and might have not paid enough attention after the 1.8.3 update to notice :)

@=Hollywood= Let us know if and when the updates go live, if it happens relativly quickly then that'll be an amazing thing for scenery design as you say :D
@bLindye - thanks! I propably missed them the first time around. To be fair they are a lot less noticable than the red and white ones :p
@Mohaupt - hehe yep, I was kinda pround of myself on that one ;)
Yeah I’m thinking of this is the case then hopefully adding building height data or floor data may help with OSM buildings that are 3 stories instead of a skyscraper. It’ll be very cool if that’s the case. There’s a few areas in sim that are of interest to me where all the skyscrapers are like 30 feet high. Fingers crossed.

I laughed last night as Village Roadshow Film Studios had the boundary tagged as a studio which I guess the filters treated as a building rather than as a boundary. Not normally seen if you have photogrammetry on but I’m starting to have fun exploring ground features with it turned off.

oh btw have you looked at the OSM
data online to see what’s there for the area you’re working on?