Worldwide replacement shore/coastlines

I would like to see higher resolution replacement coastlines/shorelines worldwide, a la the coastlines in Holger Sandmann's Glacier Bay series, with beaches, waves etc. Has someone done this already? If not, the data must exist somewhere in vector form; I would be happy to do the work of bringing it to FS.
There's Ultimate Terrain for the US and Europe, Red Baron's 'Topo' for New Zealand, and Ray Tabauret's 'Roads & Rivers of...' series includes coastlines, and covers lots of places. All these are payware, for FS9, but are starting to appear for FSX.

Holger Sandmann's sceneries are truly excellent, but only cover comparatively small areas.
The data is certainly out there....not everyone wants to share it :)

Im a Geospatial professional and whether organisations share their data is based on a lot of factors. For example, the USA has the USGS which does a fantastic job of collating and collecting data that it (AFAIK) releases for free- This means that FS/Aces can just grab the data and plonk it in flight the USA in flightsim looks pretty good

Here in New Zealand, the whole reason the 'Red Baron Topo' package came about (for Fs2004) was because the data wasnt freely avaliable to the public back then.....recently that data has become free and now, in FSX, all that data that you used to have to buy the Topo addon to see, is now included in the default FSX data.....However, keep an eye out for a FSX version of Roads and Rivers: itll be great

Countries whose GIS systems arent as far developed/their data hasnt been collated and released for free wont look as good in FS because Aces has just had to use whatever data they could get their hands on.
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yeah worldwide data is not currently available for high resolution coastline data for every nation on earth... GIS data gets expensive when you have to pay for it...
Glad to see a Geospatial professional in these forums.I'm also a Geospatial Professional and know how hard is to get useful GI information. Almost all of it is held by Military Forces and/or Geographical Institutes that charge for this kind of information. Even for a small country like Portugal, the charges (money) required to buy GI data makes almost unenviable any kind of product (at a nation scale), even if payware. So one has to use the freely available GI data that's usually in a scale that brings nothing new to the FS word...
wish granted!

Ok, ok, not by microsoft.

The current version of Tileproxy has very high resolution coastlines and shore lines. Now I can fully develop my coastal British Columbia scenery. Saves me alot of work, as there are millions of miles of coastlines there.

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