X-Plane 11 Model and Scenery forum rooms?

Since the release of X-Plane 11, and how it has improved so radically, I wonder if now would be the time to add a couple of forum rooms dedicated to X-Plane?

I didn't care for X-Plane 10. It had a lot of issues. I have X-Plane 11 and I am very impressed.
I wonder if they still have a limit of polygons in their models?
I bought it because of the sale... didn't install yet but I surely going to look on learn how to make local scenery (Argentina) to fly over :)
I bought it because of the sale... didn't install yet but I surely going to look on learn how to make local scenery (Argentina) to fly over :)
Do the setup and tutorial in the first part when it first starts. There are I think 5 or 6 missions; how to fly, how to land, turning, etc. Also, in the first part, it helps you setup your joystick. This saved me like 1 or 2 hours of research and immediately I was flying and knew where most everything was, controls wise.



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We did have a X-Plane forum before, but we closed it due to lack of interest. We can try again, just like we have forums for AeroFly and P3D specific things.
Man, I really tried hard to put a plane in Aerofly. There were so many holes in that SDK. Nothing worked. I apologize about that. :(

And on P3D, so glad its basically the same as FSX and FSX Steam (in most ways, except for the converter, but it functions the same way, just a diff MDL file). I thought it was going to branch off into its own direction.


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Unless we can get a critical mass of users interested and active, discussing X-Plane development is best done on x-plane.org. That's where all the relevant knowledge is.

Bill's comment about XP's lighting mirrors the general concensus. It really is quite something.
even though X-plane would be an "Alien" stuff for FSX/P3D dev, I like to take a chance.
I think it not wrong if we have X-plane forum once again.
at first, if we lack of interest, it could be just because there less resource we have.
I must admit I have been using FSX since Adam was a lad and I enjoy producing scenery for it but I am just messing with X-Plane 11 and it's a great improvement on earlier versions (still overcomplicated though). I have used Instant Scenery since it first came out for FSX so how about a version for X-Plane. I create farm strips which are anything but flat so my fences and hedges flow along the dips and troughs I can't do that in X-Plane. I use FS2XPLANE to convert my scenery which it does very well but it removes all of my scaling. In my opinion because FSX is now stagnating X-Plane will come on in leaps and bounds, I know we have Prepar3d as well. So how about Instant Scenery for X-Plane. Neil