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X-Plane OBJ exporter


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I have added an exporter for a new format to ModelConverterX, you can now also export to the X-Plane OBJ format. Importing this format was supported for quite a while already and now I have finally added the export as well. The following aspects are supported by the exporter:

  • Textures (diffuse and nightmap)
  • Levels of detail

Because the X-Plane format only allows one texture per object, MCX will output multiple files if your object uses multiple textures. I’ll try to add support for additional material related attributes soon. I think there are some settings that can be mapped from the FS material settings.

Animations are not yet supported, with the options available in the OBJ file it is hard to express all aspects of the animation that MCX knows. The X-Plane OBJ format does not support transformation matrices.

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I'm very new to x-plane, not sure how much time I'll invest in it yet.
The X-Plane OBJ format does not support transformation matrices.
Even for FSX use, given the trouble scaling causes with platforms and crashboxes. Where an animation scale is constant, could there be an option in MCX to multiply out the transformations?
This can be done using XtoMDL on individual animated parts, e.g. an aircraft carrier lift, but requires editing of both .X and .xanim files.
I do realise compound transformation matrices with animations become especially difficult and perhaps could cause rounding issues.
So probably quite difficult, as already stated.


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I'm not sure if I fully understand what you are saying. In the FSX MDL format transformation matrices are used quite frequently, for example animated parts sometimes get different coordinate system by swapping some axes. This is done in the matrix. But in X-Plane I can't specify such things.

I know FS doesn't support animations that change the scale dynamicaly either, but that's not what I'm talking about here. The problem with platforms and crashboxes is related to the scale at which the object is placed, not to anything in the transformation matrices.

So what would you like MCX to multiply out exactly?
Before, when resolving issues with aircraft carrier lifts, I've had to reset the scale of the lift to 1.00 (using XtoMDL) and edit the .xanim file (multiply out the transformation) to adjust for the change in scale.
The transformation matrices interact with the animation. I'm proposing a simplification that wont upset platforms in FSX.
Nothing to do with x-plane animations, although perhaps it may help simplify issues.
I'm not claiming to understand transformation matrices, but .xanim files are easy.