P3D v2 X40 (KINF) Inverness, Florida


I just checked in and read your request for a picture.

What other pics do you need and how quickly do you need them?


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Wow. Great work.
I see that some of the tree has shadow. Is it the new feature of P3d V2 or it is texture baking?
I like the way you write that sign. Very funny:D
@JRobinson - Yeah, that's me and 4667L is mine, glad you like it definitely one of my favorites. Flew my latest repaint N13273 out of Bonners this morning. Very nice area you inhabit Jim, ever do any real flying around there? I can only imagine that the views are spectacular.

N13273 over Bonners Ferry

@jtanabodee - P3D V2 has many shadow options and those tree shadows are generated dynamically and will move with the sun.
@pfabian: Thanks. Interesting technology to say the least but those warts are just wrong aren't they? :)

@Jose: I could sure use some good photos of the fueling installation as well but I think I can muttle my way through without if necessary. Mainly there seems to be some kind of spill containment affair on the ground in front of the pumps and I'm having a heck of a time figuring out what it should look like. On the south end of the field near rwy 1 there is a new hangar and ramp area just off the paralel taxiway, I've had no luck at all finding any hint of what that looks like, my plan was to just build something plausable that fits the footprint but if I had some photos I could make it real and add a little interest down there where there currently isn't much going on. Timewise, well, yesterday would be perfect of course but hey, beggars can't be choosy so whatever happens to work out for you would be wonderful if you can pull it off. I would be forever in your debt and of course you'll get a free copy :) .

@Gary: Thanks for dropping by Gary, a fun thread indeed and that's awesome, reminds me of the KMYL thread a few years back, we really need to do this more often!

@Tic: You gotta get P3D2 Tic, with your eye for the details you'll love it, the shadows really do bump up the immersion factor significantly. I'm basically building this in FSX but the batch files are mirroring everything I do in P3D2 as I go. I'll build models or something all evening in FSX and then when I'm ready to hang it up for the day I fire up P3D2 for a look and it's all sitting there looking sharp.

@JonP: Thanks for the pic Jon, N13273 looks amazing, love the red, is that available in the libraries? I did actually do some flying around Bonners in the 80's, I did my first solo at 65S in 1980 and then eventually took my checkride down at Sandpoint (KSZT). I've flown a 152 into Sullivan Lake (09S) and one of my regular 172 hops was up over the Selkirks into Cavenaugh Bay (66S). I've got some pics around here somewhere of Harrison Peak from the air, I'll try and dig those up one of these days. Eventually I started spending all my disposable income on women instead so I quit flying in '86 but always meant to get back into it, hasn't happened yet - and the women, well they all went away too, lol.

EDIT: I found N13273 at Avsim, downloaded, will install it this evening, thanks!

I appreciate all the comments folks, thanks!


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Is this that deal where they photograph the ground from an angle and generate these? I've seen those but the ones I saw in the youtube video were quite impressive, these, well, not so much so, lol.
When Google Building Maker was active, you could access imagery that was not directly overhead and in many cases covered several sides of a building. The imagery was quite crisp and would possibly even have revealed the message on your mystery sign. Using these images one could outline simple polygons of the building shape, then cycle through the views to adjust points and improve fidelity to create the model. When Google closed the Building Maker pipeline into Google Earth, they'd expressed that Building Maker was an experiment to model the 3d world through user input and they had decided to use an automated system instead, so there would be no link to the model page.
Consider that a YouTube video requires far less graphics processing than does Google Earth at full 3D and it is possible that you did not wait long enough for those blobs to fully render before recording the image. I have friends who's computers are too weak to show any buildings in GE and what they can see resembles your fuel storage tank image.
Also some of the map services, I think Bing is one of them that still offer the "bird's eye" view, the 45 degree angle shot and it might help you discern details like the fuel farm.
Thanks for the tidbits =rk=, That must have been what I saw in the youtube video because I was pretty danged impressed at the time. Is there some way to access these images now even if not as 3D models?

BTW I saw the "Looking for 3d modeller" thread. Yeah...
Nice truck - I thought... :rolleyes:


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Thanks for the thumbs up, I'd decided we had different definitions for the word hire, no big deal. In terms of the GE models, we have already established that they render, which means the model must reside within the users computer, if only fleetingly. Consider that you are able to pan your view around one of these models and it does not need to update or refresh, all faces are already loaded. I am pretty sure there is software available to scan your temporary directories and extract these models, I think I might have even tried it once.
I'd be happy to share them Tic, I'll gather them up and type you some instructions tomorrow evening. Today is Easter here in the US and I'm only "sneaking" a little PC time at the moment, lol.

Wow Beautifull scenery,
great details and Nice art work,
Look like payware quality
very nice work, keep it up.



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Looks great Jim.

The warts look quite good at altitude (say over the streets of Paris) but kinda lack something up close.

Google's tech gets more interesting though
I'd be happy to share them Tic, I'll gather them up and type you some instructions tomorrow evening. Today is Easter here in the US and I'm only "sneaking" a little PC time at the moment, lol.

Jim - Thanks for your comments on the paint job, appreciated. Thanks for sharing your flight experience, I have some flying time but nothing since the early 90's. Hoping to change that soon though. I'll be trying those routes you mentioned, any reason to fly over that scenery is good.

I would also be interested in the batch file if it's ok?

BTW, hope you had a good Easter. :)
Thanks for dropping by Ian, Linden, and mskhan1991, your comments are much appreciated! :)

On the batch files, first these are nothing really special nor is there any magic involved. I found it very difficult to write instructions on how to use them and they are tailored to my workflow and the way I have my project folders set up. I'm worried they won't be of any use to anyone at all, lol. What I'd suggest is to extract this .zip to a temporary folder keeping the folder structure within the .zip intact so you can study things a bit before modifying and putting them to work.

I typed a short readme into each folder attempting to explain what I use the folder for and what the batch files do. Also if you right click a batch file and choose Edit it will open in Notepad, you'll see where I've added some comments explaining the commands. None of these batch files will work for you without modification, your path to bglcomp.exe is different from mine for example, the filenames of your source XMLs will be different, your texture names will be different, etc. The batch files will all need to be modified to suit your own setups, I hope I've explained what needs to be changed in the comments I wrote but DOS commands are blissfully simple and read almost like plain english so it should be readily apparent just by reading the commands what needs to be done.

I doubt that you can mess anything up by running any of these in their current state, most likely you'll just see a screen full of errors telling you the path to bglcomp couldn't be found for example and nothing will actually happen as a result. Nonetheless I wouldn't run any of them without modification just to be on the safe side. Use these at your own risk of course.

I've done all the autogen so far with the P3D2 annotator and I've been using another batch file to synchronize the autogen into the FSX version of the scenery as well which seems to work fine. My plan is to open the final revision of the autogen in the FSX annotator and do a quick save just to make sure there are no problems with compatibility in FSX before bundling it up for distribution but for now I haven't even been using the FSX annotator.

The "sync_autogen" batch file also keeps 5 revisions of the autogen in numbered folders within my project folder for backup purposes or in case I screw something up I can revert to my last saved .agn set. That batch file is a little more involved and more difficult to explain though, it detects the file date/time of the autogen and aborts if there have been no changes which prevents populating all 5 revision backup folders with duplicate copies. I've left it out of this .zip file for now. Get through a couple of these first, if you find them useful I'll get the autogen one up too (and I've also got one that backs up any changed files within your project folder onto a backup drive that works well).


If you have questions please ask. :)

This is absolutely stunning work, Jim! It keeps me inspired to try and learn this scenery design thing!