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P3D v2 X40 (KINF) Inverness, Florida

Really looking forward to this one Jim, when it's ready I'll be ready!

I'll be getting the A2A 182T soon and when I do I'll do a special repaint for a 182T that will be calling this place home!

Jim, if you have anything in mind let me know, there's no rush.
Have you ever considered KSPG? Probably one of the most picturesque airports in the US and like the former Merrill C Meigs the developers and politicians would love to see it turned into waterfront condos.

Would be a great way to put the airport on the map for pilots, and aviation enthusiasts. The airport will need all the support in the future.

Downtown St. petersburg is beautiful also making approaches both fun and interesting. I live close to the airport, am an avid photographer, and would be willing to help fund the project. Please let me know if you have any interest.

Jim - Wow!
This is amazing. For sure payware quality. Do you plan on making this for FSX as well?

Keep up the awesome work!

Michael :)
Jrobinson last posted here in December 2014, despite several requests for information on progress.

That tells me everything I need to know.
I need photos of the large hangar on the south end of the field and probably several other things by now. I requested that on the first page of this thread 2 1/2 years ago and I have zero photos to date. I live 2000 miles from this airport. For that matter I'm still waiting on a chap that promised me photos of KMYL in 2009, he was within walking distance of the airport when he committed to getting them.

There's a KINF in the flightsim.com freeware library, it's not this one.
Hi JRobinson,
You might consider release it as it is, if you want.
Hi Tic, no I don't even have all the autogen done, no seasons or night yet either and some buildings still have placeholder textures. I don't want to release it that way, I don't even remember exactly what needs to be done yet. I'm trying to convince myself I should finish it this winter.
Hi All:

Here is a restoration via a web page archive, of Jim's screenshots showing his excellent work from page 3 of his thread. ;)


Dunno, IIRC I used the same material settings used on the autogen trees in vegetation.bgl for those custom trees, I have plenty of other objects that just use normal "set default transparent" though and their shadows seem to work fine so I don't think there's anything special in the material settings.


Do autogen trees cast square shadows too?

Here's the material settings off the custom trees Michael:




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Here's a small update on Inverness.

First off I was never happy with these hurricane hangars because the texture resolution was poor and the mesh was all wrong which caused them to leak! I've rebuilt them again for the 3rd time throughout the course of this project :) . This time I started from scratch with a 40-sided sphere and a new texture sheet. Texture resolution is now somewhere around 10px/ft which is about what everything else on the field is. The higher resolution makes it a lot easier to add some dirt and weathering not to mention the fact that more pixels just looks better in the sim.



I had fun building these more complex models around the main focal point of the airport, I enjoy these detailed models immensely but it is time consuming, I'd guess (conservatively) 20-30 hrs into this small area alone. Here's the FBO, "Whiskey Bravo Air" which appears to be a rather uninteresting double-wide mobile home converted to a pilot's lounge. To jazz it up I added a lot of details; air conditioners, porches and overhangs, antennas, satellite dish, ramp lights, some 3D grass, some cars in the parking lot, parking bumpers, a generator (I think), a sign, reflective windows, etc. Lastly I tried to smudge it all into the PR so it sorta looks like it belongs there.







...and the fueling area. This was a fun model, still messing around with the textures a bit but done for the most part. There's a fuel trigger here for those that want it and it can be disabled for those that don't. Finally a shot from FSX:



...and from P3D2





So far everything is on ten 1024x1024 sheets plus I have two more separate texture sheets for the vegetation and fences with some transparency. I laid my main sheets out on a 4096x4096 document as a sort of preview image because I was having a hard time remembering which sheets still had space left on them, I briefly contemplated remapping everything to the 4096 sheet to cut down some drawcalls but it seems an enormous amount of work and there's not much to gain since everything already makes extensive use of drawcall batching. Here's what my texture sheets are looking like, yellow/red striped areas still need to be used up.



Thanks for checking in :)



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