P3D v2 X40 (KINF) Inverness, Florida

Jim has been posting around the forums here at FSDeveloper again more recently; hopefully he may post an update in this thread as well. :)


NOTE: I sometimes restore archives of images for posts showing excellent, inspirational work like Jim's. ;)

BTW: I'm thinking about restoring images by GrandSurf in this thread as well: :idea:

FSXA/P3D: 5S0 Oakridge State

Regardless of whether a thread has been "active" in years, nothing reduces its value or relevance to us here.

And yes, I would not hesitate to 'necro-post' if a thread might once again merit a restoration of 'content gone missing', or if it merits an ongoing discussion of its topic, due to what I perceive to be the current trend of inquiries and topics evolving within the forums at any point in time. :scratchch

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