xishuangbanna gasa airport (ZPJH) in development.

Hi everyone,

Like my story in the kunming thread, I will not let take me down.
Underwhile I will continue with the rest of the taxiway signs for Kunming airport.
But it is now for download on Avsim.
I started a while ago witha new airport in China too.
This time it will be the xishuangbanna gasa airport (ZPJH).
here are the first screens:

That also already looks very good; keep letting them coming, just had a short flight over Kunming in between the beta testing of my own project - but Kunming looked very good.
That sounds very good KL791, how are the frames on Kunming?.
what kind of project are you working on?.
Very excited to see so many asian airports finally coming alive in the FS world, keep on doing these!
I changed the night lightning in the buildings to match a more realistic lightning system.
Because I was not realy satisfied with the orange lightning in the buildings, also added specular maps to the glass of the building,
and added volumetric grass too, I will improve much more things too.

more realistic lightning for old terminal

more realistic lightning for new terminal

specular maps

volumetric grass

specular maps on old terminal

parking area at new terminal

Also Kunming changshui has a big list of improvements and corrections too, I started today with the correction of the afcad, and the photo ground, to match it better with the surrounding area.
I added double jetways too, more screenshots of these improvements later in my kunming thread.
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I found last week some more detailed examples of the airport, I looked on the chinese versions with google translate, and with these examples I have detailed the terminal, and the apron color layout much better
than it was here an overview of the whole airport, also the volumetric grass is corrected for a better look, and also prevents flickering from high altitudes.

the grass layout.

corrected gates, and found the gate numbers for the new terminal on the net
here is an example from a Chinese forum:
I have to do some more corrections on the terminal too.
But with every edit, it will looking better and better.
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indeed you are right, I immediately changed this, and it does indeed look more realistic, I have also corrected the taxiway lines some more.
Here are some screens

thisare the corrected signs on the ground

the hold short lines at the runway

Wow! this is looking so more realistic, they are now better visible, even in the dark without aircraft taxi lights too.
Also the terminal lightning is corrected for better realism.
You're right, thanks for the advice.
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After hard working, the scenery is now ready for release,
and will be uploaded today at the Avsim website

happy flights, and save landings!
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Thanks jtanabodee,

I like my hobby, and I spend whole days on it, sketchup is very easy and fast to use.