XML Multi Menu's

Hey guys,

I am new to XML, so be kind. Besides, I'm old..

How exactly does one do a 'multi menu'?

Are they created in 'containers/> and have click points call them up?

What I am attempting to do is create a Autopilot (TruTrak) which has a small digital readout window. This has perhaps 6 windows with various input/readout menu's.

This is for FS9, so I am not using scripts, etc. Just regular ole 2004 XML.

Many thanks for any input.

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The simplest approach is to simply use multiple <Element> pairs with a <Visible> condition...
     <Visible>(L:APMode,enum) 0 ==</Visible>
     <!-- display your stuff -->

     <Visible>(L:APMode,enum) 1 ==</Visible>
     <!-- display more stuff -->

     <Visible>(L:APMode,enum) 2 ==</Visible>
     <!-- display even more stuff -->