XML ObPlacer 0.84

When I try to upgrade ObPlacer 0.83 to version 0.84, I keep getting the ObjectPlacer XML error - Failed to load generic.xml file. The ObjectPlacer 0.83 is installed so there should be no reason for this. What's the problem? Also, where's the link to download the ObjectPlacer 0.83 and 0.84 on this website? I saw them just yesterday and now I can't find them.

Another problem is that when I select, for example, ag_gas_1 from the Default Library Objects, the only thing shown is the picture of the gas station in the Preview box. The Properties and all the other boxes are grayed out. There is nothing in the main box in the center, but yet the manual shows that there is a list of objects there, and the manual DOES NOT explain in detail what's going on here. Every time I try to do something, it's not doing what supposed to be doing and I'm wasting my time trying to figure all of these things out. So, what's the problem with all of the issues?

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Hi Ken,

I have to check where the error of that xml file comes from. It's many years ago I made or used the tool.

When selecting the gas station, did you first load an xml file or made a new one in the file menu?

I don't remember the exact details, but I think you need to right click on the object to make a new instance of it.