XML text string style

I'm creating a little gauge that displays a few text values, however they look very very ugly - I'm trying to use 'BackroundColor="transparent" but it seems to have no effect.

I'm styling the font like so:

<Text X="110" Y="24" FontSize="22" Length="8" Font="Arial" Color="#555555" Adjust="Left" VerticalAdjust="Center" Multiline="No" Fixed="No"
BackgroundColor="transparent" Bright="No">
This produces a horrid looking splodge of text - it's readable but very messy. I can set the colour to '#AFC0A0' but that introduces a horrible box if it gets darker or I use a night lit image.

The other solution is incorporating \{bck} and a conditional statement something like: '%(A:Light panel,bool)%{if}\{bck}%{else}TEXT TO \{bck}%{end}' but I don't know how to use this... Anyone help?


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I've actually come up with a solution!

I'm now using a separate bitmap for the screen with 'bright="yes"'. The BackgroundColor of the text is the same colour and 'bright="yes"' also set. This gives neat text and colours that match =D

I'll post the gauge here soon, I'll not CAB it up so anyone interested can take a look.