Xplane designer - unpaid (but please read)

Hi there,

At the charity scenery project we are looking for someone to help export our p3d sceneries to xplane. The main aim of the project is to create scenery and we sell the scenery for £1. We then donate the funds (-transfer costs) to a registered charity in area of the scenery. Hence, we cannot pay for your time.

If you are intrested in joining us, please contact us via the website:


All the 3d assests and textures are built/available, there will be some re texturing work to do and then complie into xplane.

The simple reason we are looking to recruit is we dont have time to complete the conversation process as we have a full fsx and p3d development pipeline.

We are also looking anyone that wants us to host there scencery for the project (again, contact us on the website).