FSXA xtomdl Treatment of Part Names (RESOLVED)


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In FS9, modeled part names with suffixes ending with _### were treated as one part during the makemdl export/compile.

Therefore, I could have Pilot_01, Pilot_02, Pilot_03 and write custom visibility xml code using just "Pilot".

In FSX, that does not seem to work; the full name appears to need to match perfectly in spelling and case for xml to recognize it.

Do you know this to be the case?

In my HMS Bounty conversion to FSX project, I have running rigging, over 130 parts using 13 names with _## suffixes, as one example.

The visibility code is not working on these parts. They are not being recognized.

Is there a way in xml to simulate what I did in FS9 (or to get xtomdl to work same way to ignore the suffixes)?

For example, any name beginning with "pilot" will be subject to this visibility code.
This would then control parts named "Pilot_01, Pilot_02, and Pilot_03".

Thanks in advance for your ideas and insight.
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You'll have to manually assign the visibility code from the Modeldef to each part using the Attachpoint Tool. How the part in question is named doesn't matter at all.


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These parts have no animation, no GUID.

Visibility is controlled regardless by conditional factors.

Here is an example; there is no visibility tag presented in the Attachpt drop down.

            (A:ELECTRICAL MASTER BATTERY, bool) if{ 1 } els{ 0 }
If the parts all share a single texture sheet, simply pick one of them and attach the others so that they all become a single part (individuals still accessible as elements). Then, with them all coalesced into one part, you only need a single vis condition. That said, Bjoern's solution works just as well, maybe better. Wrote before reading ...


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Look carefully at what Heretic said - he said use the ATTACHPOINT tool, not the Animation Manager. When you check the Visibility box, a drop down box appears at the bottom of the box and you can select the visibility condition. You can do this for any number of parts, whatever their name.

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In Max, you can quickly apply the same <Visibility> condition to multiple objects at the same time. Just select all the objects, then open the Attachpoint tool and select the <Viz> condition and apply. Done!


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Thanks a bunch for all of your responses.

EDIT: I did not think my situation applied well to your answers, but having just gone back to try again, I discovered that now the 10 Visibility conditions discussed are now showing in the Attachpt tool. Wow! So, I tested it out on one set and it works just as it should. :)

And BTW, Bill, in Gmax, you can select all the parts and assign a common Visibility condition at once as well.

Thanks a bunch guys. Why the conditions did not show up at first, I have no clue but that is what threw me off.

Greatly appreciate your time and expertise.]

EDIT2: Now I recall why these conditions did not show up. When I converted the 850~ lines of xml, I overlooked capitalizing "code". Later I caught that oversight.
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And BTW, Bill, in Gmax, you can select all the parts and assign a common Visibility condition at once as well.
I was pretty sure that it could Milton, but it's been close to ten years since I've had GMax installed, so was hesitant to make any such claim... :rotfl: