maps in SBUILDERX


is there a possibility to get access to the maps? So far it is the only map service, that has an up to date pic of Kutaisi airport. Anyone ever took satellite imagery from yandex?



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Yandex uses an elliptical Mercator projection, rather than the standard spherical Mercator projection. This means it won't line up properly in SBuilderX. You might be able to use the Yandex API to get images by setting the bounds. Then you could reproject to WGS84 in a GIS program and use resample, or import that map to SBuilderX. Perhaps the GIS program could output a geotiff as well.
Thanks for your answer rhumbaflappy! I guess I could handle it, as long as I can download the tiles somehow. Could you ellaborate a little more on „to use the yandex API...“. I could only find a software for 30 dollar and it seems to do, what SBuilder is doing also. Just that in SBuilder I dont have the option for yandex.