FSX YBCG Gold Coast Airport

Hello all,

This might cause a stir.

I have always been interested in making a payware quality Gold Coast Airport as it seems to be a relatively simple task and I like doing smaller, single runway airports. It's a size I can manage.

So I started messing around with it and before I knew it I had progressed it thus far. I think I will release this in a "staged" format with an initial release for the major parts of the airport with afcad, then updates adding various parts to the scenery, building it up over time. eg tower, GA hangers, car park. Not really interested in adding every micro-detail. I just wanted something that looked good when you taxied into the apron.

Not sure when I will be ready and it just depends on time available really but the shots below show what has been done so far.

Probably freeware. Hope you like it.:cool:


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Looks great. Looks really great actually!

I noticed you are the man behind Grantley Adams Intl. Being from the Caribbean, TBPB is somewhere I visit often (virtually and in reality). Your work is top class.
Keep it up.

Looking great, now these new airport buildings will go nicely with the airport already created by someone from the aussiex developers and that one already look really good. Might not have that many buildings but the borders between photoreal areas and FSX/orbx area are very good. You almost cannot see where the two interact, and apart from that the photoreal area is HUGE and include hotels etc etc as well as industrial areas around airport.

Thanks very much all.

I might see if I can combine it with the AussieX version. I need to speak to them. I was asked to work with them recently on some other stuff but had some personal commitments.
Finally! Gold Coast is a awesome airport and it has a challenging (well to me anyway) approach requiring a 12 degree turn to Runway 14.

I think Orbx made a grave mistake by not developing this airport. I personally fly into YBCG in real life several times a year.

I'll be willing to support your development, and help beta testing if you need to.

They are also planning to install an ILS in the airport soon -- http://au.christiantoday.com/articl...nal-carriers-ideal-for-missionaries/14083.htm

Lastly, here are some landings from the cockpit!




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aah! Thanks. Looks like there's big plans there!

Yes about time on the ILS addition! Although I love the challenge of the VOR 14 approach.

If anyone has any photos I have run out !

Wow, that looks awesome!

Do you have an anticipated release date, or "when its ready"?

Great work, can't wait to fly around the airport!
Still a bit more to go. It's slow work modelling.

I don't know how these guys crack out entire cities of Dubai all by themselves it's incredible.

Still a bit more to go. It's slow work modelling.

I don't know how these guys crack out entire cities of Dubai all by themselves it's incredible.

I think they must have at least 20 developers working on the city, it seems Dubai rebooted by FlyTampa has just been released? :)

I'll check out your other airports in the mean time flyhalf, can't wait :)