Your exact airport location in sim and in ADE does not match?


Just purchased the Lovely Inverness Airport addon from UK2000. Ususally after I get an Airport addon I go in and clean it up a bit. I add correct airline codes, fix taxi links, parking positions etc. I have done this for years but after the latest update I notice something strange. I dont know if this has to do with the latest P3D v4 hotfix or if it has to do with the latest ADE version or something else.

I go in to the simulator to "topdown view" and I also open ADE. That way I can move around on the airfield in the sim and find my location to add gates exactly where they are supposed to be. This time I added several gates in ADE that corresponded to the locations in the sim just next to the terminal. However after a save and entering P3D agan the AI Aircraft although parked in the correct direction and next to each other they were parked several hundred feets away from the teminal in the grass. I have no other AFX" files for this Airport.

In other words, It seem the Airport location in ADE and the Airport location in the sim does not match

Any idea?



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The method used to link ADE to the sim have not changed for many years.


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Try this at another (default) airport, to avoid possible issues with conflicting files.