FSXA ZBAA Beijing International Airport for FSX


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I lost 2 weeks on SODE jetways but I think it worth the time and trouble. I have continue my work on the jetways of Terminal2. After that I have to draw the red line for the jetway area and parking bay. I need to do jetway before drawing those lines in order to match the position of the jetway. It is closed to complete the job now. Just the light poles, taxiway signs and taxi lights.



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I just finished all the jetways of Terminal 2 today. They are the most difficult of all three terminals since I need to change the terminal to fit the bridge leading to the each jetway. The connection of the bridge to the terminal is not just a wall but there is an indent of the wall. I finally found the way to put the stairs together with the jetway. I cannot put the stairs with the bridges and terminal together since the polygons exceed the limit. Now I have to go back to draw the lines for the parkings and and the red line for jetway area.



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I just bought satellite photo and I put it in QGIS and get the coordinate of the photo. There is still problem of miss matched from the one I did from google satellite photos. Anyway it is just quite color adjustment.
Spring and Summer time.

Fall and Winter. There is minimal snow fall in Beijing.


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The new satellite photo cause me a big headache. I have found the was to work with the big satellite photohere I need to adjust the buildings to the new photo. But I think it worth the trouble. The detail of the photo is quite good even it is just 0.5m/pixel . There is higher resolution for that, just the money in the pocket cannot reach that level! If it is a small airport, I would take it. But the airport at this size does cost me arm and leg.

Spring time

At the center of the airport. A lot of buildings the pictures are hardly available. Imagination is a good thing.

A lot of condos and apartments on the south side. I have been on the project for 2 years and new buildings come up already.

I think I need to add more buildings on the side of the airport.
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