FSXA ZBAA Beijing International Airport for FSX


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I have done almost all the buildings and ground poly in one file. I think it is more convenient to do since I will not get confuse when I come back to correct some mistake since everything is in ONE gmax file. I have back up, of course. Now I am done and I can clean up the mess that I have done for 4 years much easier than before. But you need to hide something when you do new things to make it less burden to the program. Here is how it looks like:


It is easier to do the expansion when the airport has new buildings or expansion. You need not to search for the models though hundred of files and not sure if it is the most updated one.
OK, on the way to Simmarket now.
.....And now in my simulator (P3DV4 so far) :).

Congratulations Tic, it is a massive accomplishment to complete this airport and the result is amazing. I have just taken my first taxi and flight around with an A320 and there are heaps of AI flying in and out. The airport looks great and the performance is excellent for an airport that size.

Well done and thanks!

Now as stated above I think you deserve a well earned rest ;).

Thanks for Peking ZBAA Scenery hard work, i want start by ZBAA.., i know not why! Crash, without Dialog ERROR. I try other scenery, work fine by Bangkok, as Singapore! FSX! Sorry, Which email of Support?