P3D v4 ZBAD PKX Beijing New Airport



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Just heard about this airport and came to look for it on FSDeveloper. Impressive indeed. :oops:
Are there any airport charts of ZBAD available?
(I wouldlike to create a simple FS9 ADE scenery like runways, taxiways, parkings and navaids)


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Looking good. I was about to make this airport but I thought only ZBAA made me exhausted. I am glad you are making this airport.
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There is no need to hurry.
Although the airport is officially open since wednesday, there are only 2 sceduled departures per day!!!
ZBAD has runways with the same ILS frequency on both ends (no back course, two equipments).
I dont know if they power on/off these equipments alternatively or both are on.
Is this a problem for fs9?
To end my very off-topic contributions to this thread:
Several tests showed that there is no problem with eqal frequencies on both ends of a runway, even the correct morse code is played.