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Bought your Piper Pacer package and love all of them - except for the tinted windows! Can you tell me how to get a nice bright view out of the windows?
Hello Larry. Just click on the windows. ;)

A read through the manual will show you have 3 settings of plexi, super clean, ok, and 'man, this needs cleaning so bad!'
Hi Jon,

I have successfully added model files to ADE and now would like to add entire scenery object libraries. I have several libraries that I created using FSDS for use in MS FSX and would really like to use them in ADE for P3D v4.5.. Iere a way?

Larry B
Currently planning on making a Sonex Onex or Aerolite 103 for FSX. Will be freeware but need to know where to start first. Any tips or help would be great.
I just spent a week in the hospital and I did a lot of thinking about FSX> Mostly because my son gave me a new book on military airplanes from pre- WWI to the present.

I've recently had to upgrade two of my XP computers to W7. The last one is the one that has FSX on it.

Since MicroSoft is no longer in the Flight Simulator business? Is there an alterntive to FSX?

Bob Macklin
Seattle, Wa
Hi Dick

Thanks for your support. I give it a try. It would be nice if You could send me your Halo.bmp. My email is
Hi Jello,

I work for Navy Canteens (Brand Manager/Graphic Designer) and I'm currently designing a decal for our new Brew Buggy for HMAS Albatross. I've been doing a lot of research for the design and I recently came across your awesome work. I was wondering if I might be able to use some of your artwork for the truck decal design? My email address is thanks :)
Hello Edi, could I get a copy of your AP_Ctrl.xml. too please?


Dear José,I would like to ask you for your advice, as there are some texture-problems with your scenery and those of BELGIUM COAST and also BE-Photorealistic. I have got double displays and black texture. In BELGIUM COAST-2 I already erased everything in respect with the airport + the BRS2_EBOS - file from MYTRAFFIC But it`s still NOT OK... - WHAT COULD I DO to get a clean scenery?
I am still not seeing animations in the model parts...l see post. Tom....thank you for all the great stuff over the years and your constant support to a pain in the ass (me)...Have a great day!!!!!!
Best Regards!!
Tom...was reading some readme from the M404 and stumbled into the fact you had a AI M404 with Piedmont rid of all the other Martin and went to CalClassic and downloaded that AI Package and installed in FSX. I have the ai in my model converter and yes now I see black/gray props and working animations. I put 10000 on every line below the total parts line ..(continue next reply)