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Hi i would like to have a good quality dash 8 100-300. i am available to aid in moddeling, testing and texturing.
Hi Jon

Tom Here
i figured out how to get a hotel out on Klas for my airport. but now i'm trying to get a parking garage out out of Kmke and it's differant from getting it from klas. the file was a mbl file for the klas hotel i wanted, i can't seem to find find the right file for the garage from the kmke can you help?
ello man i need your help as i have modeled the fc-1 in blender and i want to know how to add lights in it that perfectly work in fsx PLZ TELL IN BY STEPS OR TUTORIAL
hello! did you solved the nasty pink gps color? i am having the same issue
Bought your Piper Pacer package and love all of them - except for the tinted windows! Can you tell me how to get a nice bright view out of the windows?
Hello Larry. Just click on the windows. ;)

A read through the manual will show you have 3 settings of plexi, super clean, ok, and 'man, this needs cleaning so bad!'
Hi Jon,

I have successfully added model files to ADE and now would like to add entire scenery object libraries. I have several libraries that I created using FSDS for use in MS FSX and would really like to use them in ADE for P3D v4.5.. Iere a way?

Larry B