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3. When we open the import or export dialog boxes in the menu, only one path of the last use of a file will be remembered. Is it possible to make what a paths of the last opening files remembered in each window separately? I have several versions of the aircraft and there is no possibility to store files in one folder.
For the import button, you have the little arrow on the side that allows you to select from a list of previous opened files. For exporting there is no such feature and MCX will suggest a name based on the model that is currently loaded. I don't really see how I could change that.
Thank you!
2. Is it possible to make the function of searching for animation links on/off in the settings? (Could not find linked animation for...). It also takes a lot of time each time.
Those warnings are caused by the X file having links to animations that do not exist in the XANIM file. But I don't think these warnings should cost a lot of time.
1. Is it possible to make the function of reading the file modeldef.hml when importing a *.x file turned on / off in the settings? It takes a very long time to import a *.x file each time and just as long export to *.mdl file. The model contains more than 500 thousand polygons.
Reading the modeldef.xml file should not take that long. If loading the model takes long, I think it is more likely the X file then the XML file causing this.
Hello! My name is Sergey, I am from St. Petersburg. I am very grateful for your program (MCX). I am developing an aircraft for FSX and P3D v4.5.
I have a few questions for you. At the moment I am working with the modeldef.xml file and I have to compile very often in a *.ml file:
I am curious as to why you deleted your reshade presets for Flightsim World. I re-installed it recently and thought I'd try them.
Paul Kemp.
Dear Lionheart
Iam trying to create my own Airport Data through a text variable.the numbers are working but the text not! pls. can you help?
(L:Austria, bool) 2 == if{
2 (>L:Airportident, number) {'LOWW'} }
% AirportName: \{clr2} %((L:Airport,string))%!s!\n\{clr1}
Hello Elfarn,

I am afraid that is over my head. I am not by any means a world reknown coder.

Is this for a GPS system? A GPS gauge?

hello dear bill ,what i want the following> i created mein own database for the Airports ID Example>LOWW for vienna when i put The ID LOWW has to enter in the gps500 without entering the id. if there any posibility : and all other entries working fine
Hello Mr. Womack, are you going to make some video tutorials with regard to the new plugin workflow made for Blender 2.8?, specially the confusion around the materials?

Cherry 89 i have a P3D airport that i want to convert to xplane 11 , its a pretty simple airport , can you convert it for me ?
Hi Bill, first let me thank you for your great contributions to the flightsim community!
Today I have a question to your FS9 Ramplight_library.bgl. May I use it and create a Ramplight_Yellow_Library.bgl with changed light colors? These days we often find lights like in ZBAD.
Best regards
Due to recent comments on what I do and not, I have decided to not share any progress on any projects anymore.
Hi i would like to have a good quality dash 8 100-300. i am available to aid in moddeling, testing and texturing.