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lovely content, especially looking at LCEN, I had few questions, is there like an email or something I can take to email you with some enquires ?
Yes sure: service(at)
Hi Arno,
I create FSX-A sceneries all freeware so far. where can I find your actigate module link thats current?
I get the non actigate models to appear on my scenery, but they all just are non responsive with only
a wait sign. Any help would be appreciated.
Hi, you can use the basic model in FSX and as long as placed with the FS2004 tools it will work. The advanced ActiGate features (aircraft type, etc) don't work in FSX.
Ratan Lewis
Hi Arno. I used your vdgstweaker to create safegate mdl with the required settings or do I have to create my own model and use the vdgs tweaker for placement with whisplacer.
Can I use ADE9X to place safegate/safedock models? Also for using the basic model do I have to replace those various asm files with your simple/tweaked asm files?
If you create the mdl files with vgdstweaker and put them in a FS2004 library, you can place them with any placement tool. Just remember that the model is made for one specific heading.
I'm having with fsx were I'm flying when landing I'm getting memory problem I adjust virtual and change the figure but still remain
Hello Arno

I've just created a new Wiki page called 'C: A true random number generator', but cannot find a way to move it to the Panel and Gauges section. Can you help please? And can you tell me how to do this so that I don't have to bother you again?

Thank you.

Hi Arno,

Would it be easy to implement a "bookmark" or "favorite" option in the forum software? So we could save a useful thread to read later.

I use that a lot on others websites, so I was thinking.

I don't know. It's software we bought, I don't develop it myself. You can always bookmark in your browser of course.
Hi Rob,

I'm having issues getting GE VIEW 2 working in P3Dv3.

All seems to be working on the Google Earth Side, but the modules don't seem to be loading in P3D.

I've created the Modules folder in the root directory of P3Dv3 and added the XML code into dll.xml as per instruction and added the gauge to the C172 including putting the other xml into the panel folder.

Would love to get this working, will test w /FSX
Hello Arno.

Me again. I have just uploaded a new resource: Three windsocks.

I would ask you to unlock this new resource.

With the best thanks
Seems one of the other moderators already approved it. Thanks for sharing again.
Hi Arno,

While editing a wiki, I noticed that embedded code is shown in Times New Roman font, I believe. Is it possible to change embedded code to a fixed width font like Courier New or Consolas?

Thank you for the consideration,

Bob McElrath
Hi Arno.

Have added a new resource again. This time it is the in-house development of the 3-D lights for the P3Dv4.
Hello Arno.
Added a new resource. Can you unlock it please?
Many thanks for your help.
Refreshing my old (ANSI/TURBO) C-coding skills, while enhancing my hard-surface modeling and texturing skills in Blender
Hello Marwan,

Hope you are doing well,
I just saw your amazing job on a Honda Jet, Cool!
I'm a bizjet enthusiast buddy, When is your release date? I can't wait for testing this bird.
Go for Challenger 650 after this fabulous job. (or) work on a Light Sport one, like Aeroprakt A22 LS ;-)

I think if you right click on the spot where you enter you Alt. i mit give you an option to us the fs information. good luck.
First Start fs and then start ADE. Link them in ADE. Go to fs and slew to the spot where you want your airport to be. Then hit shift z, it will tell you the Alt you are at. Type that in with your new airport specs. Build Your Airport, when you are done use ADE to make polygon around your airport. set it for flatten terrain and no autogen scenery.
Hi Jon i'm still stuck on trying to find out if there is a way to edit or add an airspace to and airport.


Hi Arno I'm Tom From Illinois, USA. i was wondering if you could help me with a question? Is there a way to add or edit an airspace around and airport, in fsx?
Hi, I guess you better ask on the forum. I'm not sure how this works in FSX, the last time I looked at the air space was with FS2002 if I remember correctly.