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New profile posts

Given the previous occasions in which no one has spoken about the degradation of the paintedlines, which I announced in a tread, I feel I can almost solve the problem. As previously stated, it probably doesn't matter to anyone but you.
If you send me an email from you, I will surely send you the material. Thank you

my mail ecaport@gmail.com
Hi, if you want I can personally send you the pngs of the paintedlines I made. I would also like you to make a personal use of them and not to be disclosed as they are the result of tests and trials. On the forum, if anyone wishes, I explain how I got there but I do not divulge the work lightly.

Hi Flyer 50,
You may like to consider joining the team at https://fsxmissionshangar.com - this is a site specifically set up to share information about developing missions for FSX. Here you can post Beta versions for testing, and allows experienced mission developers to help and advise you in your mission building. It's free to join - and you can download hundreds of already-made missions.

I am asking your permission to add your great CL-415 in my scenery with all the appropriate credits. The publication will be freeware with no commercial use.
Thank you for your time and best regards,
Gilles Boily gboily@videotron.ca


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Digging (deeper) into the MSDN / TECHNET / FSX / ESP / Prepar3d SDK's. Scraping the Internet for some very basic fs-developer-stuff...
Hi Mamu
Thanks for your answer about windsocks.
I think I'm going to be crazy with these orientation problems ! I checked the file, the xml .... I really don't see where the problem is :/
maybe a big mistake that i don't see .... Can I send you my file ? If you will have a little time to take a look.
I have set everything I can find on Options--general, assistance--controls--mouse--Logitec joystick settings..... and still my AP will not function on any airplane. Very frustrating. Can anyone offer more suggestions?
Hello Matthias,

I am install scenery for Florennes, and was told that if I sent you a PM here, you could send me a link for downloading photoreal scenery of Belgium.

If that is true, then I would like the link.

Thanks in advance -

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Hello !

Just take a look here...
I starte that EBFS project yesterday.
It will take time before the final realize but I think it will be great.
You can follow my work at FS_Creation.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2022.04.21 -

Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2022.04.21 -

Microsoft Flight Simulator Screenshot 2022.04.20 -
Hi arno,
I was wondering if you could add (Expand/Collapse-Down/Up) menu in hierarchy editor ! it will be useful.


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Yes i can already collapse or expand the different nodes but one by one !
i mean Hide or collapse all nodes down that node, all in one click.
I don't think that hiding nodes is a good idea, that would be confusing (and where to unhide them?).

I can see a use for collapsing all nodes with one click. That is sometimes useful.
Hidding or collapsing, whatever you could do would be great.
Thank you prof.
Hello, I am interested in the scenery developer role you posted earlier.

I work on MSFS & P3D, (I convert sceneries too),
I model in Sketchup, but I have a little knowledge of blender and I can use substance painter.
Hi ! Would it be possible to test your converted Maule Project ? I'm very interested, for the ski version too. Let me know, thank you in advance ! My mail: forclazherve@gmail.com
Best regards
Ok, I understand. Great news if you are working on a Maule project ;-). Let me know, I'm very motivated to test it once ready ;-)
Thank you very much for your kind reply. Best regards, Herve
Here's the thread on Discord showing the progress. taildraggin68 has done the exterior modeling and I contributed the panel and will see to the instruments and controls. twoseventyinc is working on textures and the flight model is by GotGravel so this should be a nice freeware plane when finished. Things have been moving along, so hopefully not too much more time.
Hello, I've scaned what you posted in this forums about ZUZH DEM. I doubt you are Chinese. So if you are, can you help me? I'm creating an airport in China.
Hello. I do poorly with computers. I would like to use msfsbglxml to shell a Bgl file to figure out what my error is! I managed to accidentally compile a job with DevMod on MSFS.

Can you give me the Cmd command line step-by-step to use msfsbglxml ? Knowing that msfsbglxml.exe is located in C: \ msfsbglxml \ msfsbglxml.exe

I will be infinitely grateful for your help !

Marc Roujansky
Hello, I am experiencing a lot of uneven terrain in my CYZF Yellowknife scenery for MSFS 2020. This includes elevated runways and various terrain obstacles on the airport. Sure would like some help to remove these problems. Thank you.