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Do you have any update on Chania? And also if you need any beta testers feel free to message me.
hi Deadraque,
i have the same problem with HtppX; it seems that it did'nt load.
I saw that you have Window 10 - 64 bit . I saw also a post about the version HttpX isn't compatible with 64 bit!! with your post Ithink it's true?
I think more my problem comes from the configuration of my network to open access beetween FS and google eart : What is your configuration ?
I saw your post looking for a gauge dev to help you with you project. The screenshots look nice so I'd be interested in talking about what your needs are.
Seriously considering stopping all my development and quit.
Hello Osian

I'm with Christopher in this one. I've been following your work for a while and I am certainly impressed about your modeling skills. Hopefully, your decision is not regarded to real life commitments or difficulties.

In any event, take care and all the best for your personal endeavors.
Sergio Kauffman.
Hope everything is ok. Sometimes this field is very overwhelming. Also sometimes real world things can hit us hard. Is Blender messing you up?
This has nothing to do with Blender or any development of that matter but things I don't want to talk about, I am still not sure if I continue with development or not.
Hi Arno how are you ? I a question about Ground Poly Wizard, in you last MC update, I´m try export in P3D v4 but the layers ( ground Poly) is all negative ( if I put 8 then i have -8) so When negative poly is under the floor, and does not appear in P3d v4, how to make it work? thanks Best Regards
Hi, in P3D v4 they are supposed to be negative if you read the SDK. That's why the GPW makes sure they are. So that should not be your problem.
I must say you really did an excellent job on this airport and it's only fair to have it being as busy as it should be with night time arrivals from all over Africa..(Makes me to think of creating a Virtual Ethiopian Airlines for VATSIM) I should send it to you in a few.
Dear Magnus. I managed to edit Addis Airport by editing the stock airport elevation,now I think it now has runway and taxi lights eliminating the fear of flying in at night to no runway/PAPI lights ;-) I am now testing it out and should send you the file folders so that you can check it ou
Hi Please excuse my rather short and unclear message. The reason is that FSDeveloper will only accept messages with max. 420 characters. My original text was about 3 times that size!

Thanks a lot for your answer
Hannes 'Geronimo' Schmid
Hi Gypsy Baron
I searched FSDeveloper about info on the setup of a FSX MP server. While doing so I came across entries from you. I also looked at the 31st group page. Interesting for me since I am a member of the virtual Swiss Air Force (www.vsaf.ch). We fly the P-51D from A2A. I would love to get some information about JoinFS. Could I talk to you via Skype? Skype Id 'hannesschmid2575'.

Hi There, would it be possible to share the original paint file for the AW139 or your PSD file you used to make the paint model? I am keen to do the UKCG version - thank you.
Hi Arno, I'm Gonzalo Besoain from SurClaro.com ... I wrote to you to offer any kind of help you may need with your server. Just let me know here or to gbesoain@surclaro.com everything pro bono.
Just enjoying Everyone's flight videos. ;-) Please watch my videos on youtube. Channel name is "Flightsim205"
Hi there, Any chance you could help with a Model i am working on? I am really struggling to export it to P3d?