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Dear José,I would like to ask you for your advice, as there are some texture-problems with your scenery and those of BELGIUM COAST and also BE-Photorealistic. I have got double displays and black texture. In BELGIUM COAST-2 I already erased everything in respect with the airport + the BRS2_EBOS - file from MYTRAFFIC But it`s still NOT OK... - WHAT COULD I DO to get a clean scenery?
I am still not seeing animations in the model parts...l see post. Tom....thank you for all the great stuff over the years and your constant support to a pain in the ass (me)...Have a great day!!!!!!
Best Regards!!
Tom...was reading some readme from the M404 and stumbled into the fact you had a AI M404 with Piedmont rid of all the other Martin and went to CalClassic and downloaded that AI Package and installed in FSX. I have the ai in my model converter and yes now I see black/gray props and working animations. I put 10000 on every line below the total parts line ..(continue next reply)
For me fs2004 is still alive and a fun playground to, fly, build hardware, edit files and eat as many framerates as possible on my 2nd hand i7 3990, x79 d8 msi mb, 780gtx lightning, and 750 gtx ti Nvidia's gc with 12 gb memory. one beamer (for outside-view) projector and 5 screens for flight-instruments, Along with my E3-1230v2 x9cfm-f supermicro server mb and 16gb memory 780gtx Nvidia gc (love those cards) 2 scree
My name is Bas

Currently busy with the Original default fx-waves in the effects folder to understand this stage of first devellopment.

I Greet you all
Sir Patrick! Would love to get a copy of that wonderful KGSO scenery you did for FS9. I sent you a PM w/ my email address.
Hi Felix
i saw your coments in the topic with
Making "landable" objects
and i think you are the right one to contact :-)
i am planing to create a movable heliwagon with a landable platform like in this video

see link:

the idea is maybe via( Boat Carrier) so that the invisible boat ( movable heliwagon ) is just moving straight
about 30 m out of the Helihanger
Hi Tom,

Thanks, as a non native speaker I do sometimes mix things up. I try to make as few mistakes as possible. I'll probably remember this from now on :)
lovely content, especially looking at LCEN, I had few questions, is there like an email or something I can take to email you with some enquires ?
Yes sure: service(at)
Hi Arno,
I create FSX-A sceneries all freeware so far. where can I find your actigate module link thats current?
I get the non actigate models to appear on my scenery, but they all just are non responsive with only
a wait sign. Any help would be appreciated.
Hi, you can use the basic model in FSX and as long as placed with the FS2004 tools it will work. The advanced ActiGate features (aircraft type, etc) don't work in FSX.
Ratan Lewis
Hi Arno. I used your vdgstweaker to create safegate mdl with the required settings or do I have to create my own model and use the vdgs tweaker for placement with whisplacer.
Can I use ADE9X to place safegate/safedock models? Also for using the basic model do I have to replace those various asm files with your simple/tweaked asm files?
If you create the mdl files with vgdstweaker and put them in a FS2004 library, you can place them with any placement tool. Just remember that the model is made for one specific heading.
I'm having with fsx were I'm flying when landing I'm getting memory problem I adjust virtual and change the figure but still remain
Hello Arno

I've just created a new Wiki page called 'C: A true random number generator', but cannot find a way to move it to the Panel and Gauges section. Can you help please? And can you tell me how to do this so that I don't have to bother you again?

Thank you.

Hi Arno,

Would it be easy to implement a "bookmark" or "favorite" option in the forum software? So we could save a useful thread to read later.

I use that a lot on others websites, so I was thinking.

I don't know. It's software we bought, I don't develop it myself. You can always bookmark in your browser of course.
Hi Rob,

I'm having issues getting GE VIEW 2 working in P3Dv3.

All seems to be working on the Google Earth Side, but the modules don't seem to be loading in P3D.

I've created the Modules folder in the root directory of P3Dv3 and added the XML code into dll.xml as per instruction and added the gauge to the C172 including putting the other xml into the panel folder.

Would love to get this working, will test w /FSX