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The FSDeveloper community has a downloads section where you can find tools and other files of interest to developers. This article describes how you can add your own files to the downloads section so that you can share them with other developers.

First make sure that your file is appropriate for inclusion in the FSDeveloper download section. We only host files that are of interest to developers. So if you want to share a tool or some objects for others to use in their scenery, please upload them. But if you want to share your finished aircraft or scenery, please go to one of the general FS websites.

So you still want to upload your file? Great, here is what you need to do:

  1. In the downloads section click on the Add link
  2. Fill in all the information, please provide a good description about your file as well.
  3. Select the right category for your file.
  4. Browse to the file on your harddisk using the Browse button.
  5. Click Add file, this will start the upload process. This might take some time depending on the size of your file.
  6. When the upload has finished send a private message to arno or one of the other admins. We have to approve the file before it appears for downloading.

If you file it quite big (more than a few MB), it could be the upload fails. In that case please contact arno or another admin and they will help you get the file in the download section.

Thanks for taking the effort to share your work with other developers!