Ground Poly Tutorial for the year 2014+

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I think the most used tutorial is the ground poly tutorial from Bill Womack. It has been a while since he wrote this tutorial for us. There are a lot of new knowledge and tools to make it more accurate and easier than in the past. I would like to present this tutorial to be an add on to Bill's tutorial.

Something has changed such as the length of runway CANNOT be the reference anymore. MCX has new tools such as Ground Polygon Wizard and Coordinate Converter that make life easier. I have done it and separate into two parts. Before working on this, please set up your Gmax for the best possible display. So you don't have the problem of pixelated satellite image in Gmax. Please follow this link.

Part 1.[1]

Step 1. Get satellite image to Gmax and use Co-ordinate tool form MCX to make reference plane.

Step 2 Make Grid for use with reference plane.

Step 3 Draw runway and taxiway.

Part 2.[2]

Step 4 Make runway and taxiway edge.

Step 5 Make taxi lines.

Step 6 Export to mdl and convert into ground poly using MCX. ​

Try it and you will see how fast it could be done with less work load. I have finished seamless asphalt ground poly in about two hours in one afternoon. Hope my tutorial can help you. Here are the files:

--Tic (talk) 03:06, 27 November 2014 (CET)