Installing FSX GMax gamepack

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Installation of FSX and the SDK

In order to put the GMax gamepack in place, you need to follow the steps below in the following order:

  1. Install FSX Deluxe
  2. Install the SDK from the DVD 1 (see SDK folder)

Before applying any Service Packs,
you should copy the GMax installer folder to another location, (outside the SDK folder tree),
as applying the SP will delete the GMax installer folder.

  1. Install FSX SP1
  2. Install FSX SDK SP1
  3. Install FSX SP2 or Acceleration pack
  4. Install FSX SDK SP2 if you installed FSX SP2, or install the SDK delivered with the Acceleration pack if you installed the Acceleration pack. The versions need to match.

Look in your start menu to start the FSX SDK help file. Most information about modeling and textures can be found in "Environment Kit > Modeling SDK"

Install GMax

Make sure GMax is installed, registered and start it one time to make sure Gmax starts.

The FSX Gamepack assumes that you have installed GMax in a folder "C:gmax", if you have installed GMax anywhere else you will have to update the "gmax.ini" file that is in the "...gmax\gamepacks\FSX_GmaxGamePack" directory (Right Click and "Edit"). There are a number of paths in this file that point to the "FSX_GmaxGamePack" directory and to folders in the GMax directory, all of which can be changed according to your GMax installation by changing "C:gmax" to whatever your GMax installation directory path is.

Copy the gamepack to the right place

The SDK files can be found in one of the following places if you accepted the default location:

  • Windows XP: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK\SDK
  • Windows Vista: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X SDK\SDK


  1. Have a look in this SDK folder and then browse to the following folder: "Environment Kit\Modeling SDK". You'll see the folder FSX_GmaxGamePack.
  2. Copy the folder FSX_GmaxGamePack to the folder <gmax installation folder>\gamepacks
  3. Copy the GMax shortcut from <gmax installation folder>\gamepacks\FSX_GmaxGamePack to your desktop.
  4. Start GMax only from this new shortcut. Try it.
  5. Check if you see the "FS Tools" menu like the following screenshot: