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The Object Placement Tool, (OPT), is multifunctional, and can be used for placing scenery as well as creating missions.
The OPT is installed as part of the SDK Toolset (FSX).
The OPT is available on the FSX menu, under Tools.


See SDK Installation (FSX) for instructions.


Ensure you have the correct SDK installed to match your Service Pack level.


THe OPT is a very capable, if somewhat unwieldy tool.

Scenery Placement

See Scenery Placement (OPT) - How to place scenery objects using the OPT.

Mission Creation

See Mission Creation - How to create missions, a supplement to the SDK.

Working with the OPT


A collection of quick tips.

Windowed Mode

For the OPT to work, FSX must be running in 'windowed' mode.

Object Selection

Default objects

To see the range of FSX default and Acceleration placeable objects, please see - Lamont Clarke's wiki - FSX default scenery objects

Imported objects

Any object imported, (custom object), will only be listed in the OPT by its GUID.

You'll need to know the GUID of that object.
N.B. Your GUID will be prefixed by a zero, 0.


If you have multiple monitors, drag the OPT onto your secondary monitor.
Set your FSX to fill the screen on your primary monitor, (windowed mode).

Moving an object

If an unlocked object refuses to move with click-drag, you can reposition the reluctant object, with the mouse, (without click-drag).

Set your viewpoint to Top-Down mode.

  • In the OPT window, double-click in the coordinates area.
  • In the FS window, single-click at the location you require.
  • Object will 'jump' to that location.
  • Zoom in.
  • Repeat as required.

If you want to drag them just use the key Ctrl and drag, this will unlock the object

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