SODE jetway: Step by step tutorial

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SODE jetway

I think the most challenging of airport scenery development is the jetway. The default jetway or CTRL-J is difficult enough but SODE jetway is more difficult. Jeffrey has been developing SODE to solve the problem of CTRL-J jetway; sinking wheels, no stairs option, improper movements, etc. So SODE jetway is the way to go. However the documents provided for SODE jetway is very difficult for the average users, including me. I spent a lot of time study on that. I personally think step by step tutorial is the must. This tutorial does not replace the information from SODE but to make things easier, bypass all the technical terms and understandings. Anything that has been written somewhere will not be repeated. Since the process of making it is quite long and I often forget something here and there. This tutorial will benefit you as well as myself to do SODE jetway as a check list on the process. I also add the troubleshooting section in case that you have poor results. Hope this tutorial will help you to do it easier.