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This document describes the FSX format for autogen (AGN) files. This description is not yet complete, so feel free to add more information if you have any.


The AGN file uses the RIFF format, this means that the file consists of different sections. Each section starts with a four character label, followed by the size of the content in bytes (this size is thus without the length of the header itself).

The main RIFF section itself has one additional parameter, this is a four character string that indicates the type of RIFF AGN file. For an FSX AGN file the value should always be AGNX.

The following subsection show more details about the content of these different sections.


Contains versions information about the AGN file.

 int version (normally 4)
 int unknown



 int unknown0 (normally 10)
 int unknown1 (normally 10)
 int unknown2 (normally 10)
 int unknown3 (normally 10)


For vegatation information


For vegatation polygon. Contains:

 GUID vegatation type

For each polygon:

 int number of vertices

For each vertex:

 single x
 single y

The x and y coordinates are given as offset in the LOD13 square (range 0 till 1).