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This is an overview page. For expanded detail click the topic links below.

AircraftAI Object

AircraftAI Objects are referenced by AI Objects.

TakeoffAI Object

TakeoffAI Objects are referenced by AircraftAI Objects.

LandingAI Object

LandingAI Objects are referenced by AircraftAI Objects.

TaxiAI Object

TaxiAI Objects are referenced by AircraftAI Objects.

GroundVehicleAI Object

GroundVehicleAI Objects are referenced by AI Objects. Land or sea vehicles intended to follow a course of waypoints.

Waypoint List Object

Waypoint List Object contains a list of Waypoint Objects, and some other general properties for the motion of the AI object.

Waypoint Object

Waypoint Objects are referenced by Waypoint List Objects. A waypoint is a location in the world, with a set speed, that an AI object should aim for.



Mission Objects

Actions are a declarative way to cause something to happen in the world. Examples of actions are playing a sound file, completing an objective, showing text in the adventure window, failing an engine, completing a goal, etc.

AI Objects are computer controlled vehicles, i.e. Aircraft, Boats, Ground Vehicles, or Other.

Area Definition Object only supports one type, RectangleArea, which defines a 3D box. The edges of the box will not appear when the mission is being played.

Group Object defines a single reference to one or more objects. This is helpful if a selection of objects are used a number of times. Group objects cannot refer to other group objects.

Mission Object There are several types of Mission Object. They have the same generic properties as Actions.

Scenery Objects can be added to the world, to appear only when the mission is being undertaken.

Mobile Scenery Objects can be added to the world, to appear only when the mission is being undertaken.

Spawn List - A list of objects (AI aircraft, scenery objects, triggers, and actions) that should only appear in the mission when a certain stage in the mission has been reached.

Triggers initiate Actions. There are eleven different types of triggers, (3 only work in FSXA).

Goal Object - There is only one type of goal, and a mission can include one or more goals.

Reward Object one-liner about Reward Object.

Disabled Traffic Airport Object - A disabled airport will not be involved in any AI traffic, either as a starting point or a destination.

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'Reference' documents specifically related.

Function Reference - With example code.

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