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This document describes the ActiGate module for Flight Simulator. It could be that you have downloaded the module yourself, but you can also have received it as a part of a scenery you downloaded.

This modules makes extra variables available to scenery designers, which they can use to make their scenery more interactive. If you do not have a scenery that makes use of these extra variables, you will not see any changes to your current scenery. This module itself does not provide new scenery or so!

Among the variables that ActiGate offers to the scenery designer are the type of aircraft you are flying, if you have set the parking brake and if it is raining or snowing at the moment. All these variables can normally not be read by the scenery. But it is the choice of the designer which of these variables he uses, so your scenery might not use all of them.


To install the ActiGate module just unzip the ZIP file you downloaded to the modules folder of Flight Simulator. Please note that the module could also have been installed by a scenery you are using. In that case you don't need to worry about the installtion.

Once the module has been installed it will run automatically when Flight Simulator is running. You do not have to enable it manually or somethink like that. If you have trouble, please have a look at the FAQ below.


The module is not working

Please be aware that the module alone does not provide you with any special features. It only writes some variables that sceneries can use, but you will not see any changes to your current scenery.

If the scenery you are using does not respond to as you expect, please contact the author of the scenery first to make sure it should respond as you expect.

Flight Simulator crashes since I installed the ActiGate module

One of the beta testers reported a crash of Flight Simulator due to the desktop. It crash seemed caused by the combination of the ActiGate module and a PMDG aircraft he had installed. Unfortunately we could not find cause this crash. If you have similar trouble, just remove the ActiGate DLL. This should make your Flight Simulator working again. After that, please contact me, I can need any information to solve problems like this.

I do get conflicts with other scenery/tools

If the scenery user variables written by ActiGate interfere with some other scenery or tool using the same variables, you can temporarily disable ActiGate. This is done by clicking on the Modules menu in Flight Simulator. You will see an entry for ActiGate there. If there is a check mark in front of the name ActiGate is running. If you now click on the ActiGate entry it will be disabled. Once you click on it again ActiGate will be running again. The images below illustrate this.

Menuon.jpg Menuoff.jpg

What if my aircraft is not recognised?

The scenery you are using could not have been designed to interact with the aircraft type you are using. Please look at the documentation of the scenery or ask the author to be sure this aircraft type should be supported.

If the scenery you are using does support the aircraft type you are using, but it is still not recognised it could be that the aircraft type is not written clearly in the aircraft.cfg file. In that case the ActiGate module can not determine the type from the information it reads.

But this problem can be solved. Any aircraft that can not be recognised by the ActiGate module, will be written in a file called actigate.ini in your Flight Simulator modules folder. If you specify the correct aircraft type in that file, you aircraft will be recognised from now on. To help you editing this file I have made a little editor, ActiGateEditor.exe. You can also find this file in your modules folder.

When you start this editor you will get a screen as shown below (of course the aircraft shown will be different on your PC). If you now click on any of these aircraft, you can use the dropdown box to select the correct type. Once you press Save and Exit your changes are stored and the next time you start Flight Simulator you aircraft should be recognised correctly.

Actigateeditor1.jpg Actigateeditor2.jpg

If you think the aircraft name as shown in the INI file clearly shows the aircraft type, please contact me. If you sent me the aircraft name as shown in the INI file, I can improve ActiGate further.


If you have a problem with the ActiGate module, please read the FAQ section above first. If that does not answer your question, please contact the author of the scenery using ActiGate first, if the problem is not related to his scenery, but to the ActiGate module, he will contact me about it.

If you have a question or suggestion directly related to the ActiGate module you can also contact me directly by email. You can also use the forum at to post your question or suggestion. Please be aware this is a scenery designers forum, so the topics might be too technical for normal Flight Simulator users. Don't get scared by that and just email me your question.

Users license

(c) 2005-2006 Arno Gerretsen /

This software program is distributed without charge to other scenery designers, redistribution of the original ZIP file of the module and the SDK is allowed. You are NOT allowed to sell this software module or ask money for its distribution. The use of the module is only allowed in freeware sceneries, if you want to use it in a commercial scenery please contact me.

The copyright and any intellectual property relating to this program remain the property of the author.

The software distributed in this way may represent work in progress, and bears no warranty, either expressed or implied.