Aircraft Fuselage Creation: The Perfect Way

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Aircraft Fuselage Interior Creation: The Perfect Way

I'm going to take the time to retype a post made by the late Master of Max/GMax Gerard van der Harst back on November 11, 2002 that I printed out and added to my Design Notes folder on that date.

I've since built every model using this technique with perfect results every time!

There's no need to screw around with tubes people, and the "clone and downscale" method sucks because you have to indeed "plug the holes." Besides, downscaling will not give you constant thickness... and a host of other problems.

Here's the (I dare say) THE way:

- Build the fuselage.

- Convert to editable mesh, clone the fuselage, select all polygons and extrude them inwards (negative value) along their normals (tick 'Local').

- Select all polygons and hit 'Flip'.

- Attach the new "inner hull" to the fuselage, select all vertices, set weld threshold to 0.001m and hit 'Weld Selected.'

That's it: constant thickness and no holes to plug!