Airport Buildings Template for 3dsmax or Gmax

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If you want to build an aircraft, you need a plan of that aircraft. If you want to make a building, where can you get the plan of the buildings? Probably not, just the photo outside is enough. You know the shape of the building by the photo and satellite photo. However, it is difficult to know how tall it is. I have a tutorial to make a template to those buildings in the airport. Hangars, terminals, towers or any buildings in the airports need to be proportion to each others. If you guess the height, it might come up with something disproportion to other buildings.

This is an example for you. I am making a cargo hangar in Kaula Lumpur Airport.

If you looking at this picture below, it is from (I think, can't remember exactly). This kind of photo is available anywhere. The photographer wanted to take a picture of that airplane.


But you can see in the background, that's my Cargo I want to make a model. I get this picture to 3dsmax and make it as a template of this building.


Then re sized it to fit the width of the building on satellite photo.


Build the model according to the template and you will see how fit it is to the photo.


So don't look for the buildings photo but look for the photo that they have taken for an aircraft. These picture is zoomed in from quite a distance, so perspective distortion is less. Try it, you will love it. Any template you made can be use for many buildings in the scene. Just resize the template plane to fit the area of the building on satellite photos.

Please take a look at the document [1].