Build your house using SketchUp

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Did you ever dream about adding more buildings to Microsoft Flight Simulator X scenery? Wouldn't it be nice if you could (virtually) fly over your own house?

This tutorial will give you an introduction in creating your own buildings for Flight Simulator X using Google SketchUp. It is aimed at novice developers who want to get a head start.

The tutorial will guide you through all the steps you need to take to build a house for FSX:

  • How to gather the information about the building
  • How to model the geometry in SketchUp
  • How to create the texture from photo material
  • How to map the texture on the building
  • How to export the building to the file formats used by FSX
  • How to position the building at the right location in the world

Some tools that are required in this process are only available with the Professional Editor of FSX. So before you start make sure you have that version.

Download PDF (32.1 MB)

If you want a paper version of this tutorial, you can buy it as a book from Lulu.