C: Launching an external .exe from within a gauge

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This short piece of code allows you to launch an external executable (.exe file) and detect when the program has been started. Place the code inside the gauge callback.

// Gauge callback
void FSAPI  aircraft_config_update(PGAUGEHDR pgauge, int service_id, PUSERDATA extra_data)
  HINSTANCE ret = 0;
  static int retSuccess = 0;
  switch (service_id)

     if (!retSuccess)
       // Try to open NotePad
       ret = ShellExecute(NULL, "open", "c:\\windows\\notepad.exe", NULL, NULL, SW_SHOWNORMAL);
       // If ret > 32 i.e. success then set retSuccess to 1
       if (int(ret) > 32)retSuccess = 1;

Note the use of PUSERDATA in the method header. This allows the code to be FSX / P3D agnostic but you must have the correct #ifdef somewhere in your project.

#ifdef _64BIT
  #define PUSERDATA UINT32